Frequently Asked Question

Why the name HARA?

In Indonesian language, the word “HARA” means soil nutrients and reflects our deep connection with agriculture and Indonesia.

How will farmers benefit from HARA Token?

The HARA app and web portal are gamified in such that data providers, such as farmers, who supply data are rewarded with loyalty points. These points may be redeemed for various products and services, such as phone credits, discounts on agriculture supplies, and education supplies. Please read in our whitepaper more about the incentive structures.

Who are the main participants in HARA ecosystem?

There are four groups of participants in HARA ecosystem: data providers, data buyers, value-added services and data qualifiers. Please read in our whitepaper for an overview and role of every participant.

How will contributors of HARA Token benefit?

There is a clear market need for data and the incentive structure on platform motivates data providers to submit data and enables scalability. HARA already has a proven track record in Indonesia and is planning to expand to other equatorial countries.

What kind of data is available at HARA data exchange?

Raw, structured and analyzed data is available at the exchange. Please read in our whitepaper more about the data types and sources.

What is HARA Token?

HARA Tokens are based on ERC-20, distributed on the Ethereum and are meant to be used for transactions at the exchange.

What will the token launch proceeds be used for?

Future product development and deployment of HARA Ecosystem.

How to get bonus from HARA Tokens?

We will provide bonus schedule closer to the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Which wallets are compatible?

Any wallet supporting ERC-20 token will be compatible.

Is there a difference in HARA Token used by the ecosystem and investors?

There is no difference, we are using the same token for all players and contributors.

Can we transfer HARA Token immediately after purchase?

No, HARA Tokens will be fully distributed after Initial Token Sales (ITS) and audit has been done.

What is the total supply of HARA Token?

At Token Generation Event (TGE) the total supply is 1,200,000,000 tokens.

How can I increase my contribution after sending the funds?

You will have the option to purchase another HARA Tokens.

Where is HARA based?

HARA office is based in Singapore. We have launched our pilot project in 41 villages in East of Indonesia.

Where can I find a development roadmap of HARA product?

Please read in our white paper more about our product roadmap.

How can I get involved?

Please follow us through twitter, Facebook, our blog or website. Chat with us on Telegram. Our whitepaper is a good resource for information about HARA ecosystem.

Got a Question?

Get help by chat or email with HARA Support Team.