Data Buyer

One of the largest financial institution in Indonesia utilizing HARA data to disburse microcredit.

HARA and BTPN Syariah collaborate to improve financial inclusion in rural Indonesia.

HARA and Parolamas are developing digital insurance products for smallholder farmers together.

HEXA Agro (offtaker) will act as data buyer in HARA ecosystem and will help to establish a closed loop farming ecosystem.

Data Provider

HARA is partnering with the Public-Private-Partnership-Project for the improvement of the agriculture product marketing and distribution system. This is the technical cooperation project assisted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

PRISMA, a multi-year program under the AIP-Rural, and HARA collaborate together to help spur growth in the agriculture value chain.

HARA and Aruna collaborate to bring data visibility to Indonesia’s fisheries sector.

HARA and UMG are conducting a study on the developments of blockchain in the agriculture sector in Indonesia.

One of the largest financial institution in Indonesia utilizing HARA data to disburse microcredit.

HARA expands to the healthcare by partnering with TeleCTG, a medical technology start-up.

HARA partners up with Synchro, a data transmission and distribution service from Indonesia.

Value-added Service

Enriching HARA data with Dattabot - the pioneer of big data analytics in Indonesia.

Through their AI technology, SingularityNET, will enrich the data from the HARA Data Exchange.

HARA is engaging with BOI Research - the research partner who enriches data from exchange.

HARA and HRK team up to develop better solutions for the food and agriculture sector.

HARA partners with TerraSphere to incorporate satellite data into the system to improve visibility of crop growth and productivity in the field.

Data Qualifier

One of the largest financial institution in Indonesia utilizing HARA data to disburse microcredit.


HARA has teamed up with Pundi X to promote financial inclusion and bring digital payments to an untapped market of smallholder farmers in rural Indonesia.

The upcoming pre-sale and public sale of HARA Token (HART) can be joined through Tokenomy platform.

Association Blockchain Indonesia (ABI) facilitates the dialogue between blockchain companies and policy makers in Indonesia.

HARA is a member of Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) — ConsenSys’ initiative to solve UN Sustainable Development Goals through blockchain solutions.

HARA and Bluzelle will optimize stakeholders’ income potential by extending data storage services to the HARA ecosystem.

The pre-sale of HARA Token (HART) can be joined through Liquid, the exchange run by QUOINE.

HARA joined the Trace Alliance, a network of companies and parties that are working on real blockchain solutions.

HARA is partnering with XCHNG, a blockchain-based framework for the digital advertising ecosystem.

BridgeX Network will help facilitate the conversion between crypto and fiat currencies in the HARA ecosystem.

Business and Partnership Inquiry

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